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農家のいちごまるごとパフェ 自然満喫俱楽部 札幌市清田区(P有、禁煙)Farmhouse's Strawberry parfait ”Shizenmankitsu club” Sapporo City


Trainer of Jim taught that there is a delicious strawberry parfa store.



"Farmer's Chaya Nature Shizenmankitsu Club" located in Sapporo Kiyota Ward is located in the suburbs to go by car.



Inside the store is a simple thing of only the counter without the chair (there is only one set of round table and chair). Many people are eating in cars.





I went around 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon, but about ten people were lined up in the cashier. It is quite a success when I think about being out of town. I ordered a standard strawberry parfait.



Soft cream is not very characteristic and it is refreshing feeling. However, Ichigo taking home in the morning (which seems to be only in the summer season) is intact as it is!



Slightly sour (depending on when you can take it) Fits well with cream with medium size strawberries. Parfait is rare in my own growing strawberries taken at my farmer.





The parking lot of this store is large for 50 (excluding the snowfall period). It is good for driving, I think that it is easy for tourists to go from Chitose Airport.



In terms of personal taste, I wish I could keep sour taste a bit more. Try cutting strawberries in half or putting paste into a soft cream may well relieve acidity well. I will crush and eat at the next visit, and I also want to eat the chocolate version.


農家の茶屋 自然満喫倶楽部