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痛い!口内炎 を予防する ケナログ口A腔内軟膏 Stomatitis prevention and treatment


 I often get stomatitis. It's melancholy for a week when the symptoms appear. In addition or worse chewing further place which is swollen with stomatitis.



A common pattern hurts the inside of the mouth and its wound becomes a stomatitis.



When I consult a dentist, row of teeth is a bad thing, the same is in the oral cavity was said to be narrow.



 I dietted. Although it is less scarred in the mouth, it is not perfect.



 I tried various things up to now. Ointment, paste drugs, drink drugs ...



None of them were much different from natural healing.





I looked it up on the internet. I found out that ointment called Kenalog A works.

I got stomatitis so I purchased it quickly and applied it. However, expected effects did not come out.









 So I thought. To start treatment before the stomatitis becomes larger. To start more quickly.



That's right! It is a method of painting medicine before onset when the oral cavity is scratched.



This worked! It is the most effective so far.


実施方法 Method

  1. 口腔内に傷をくけてしまった後に出血が止まるのを待ちます。
  2. 夜寝る前に歯を磨いたら寝る直前に綿棒などで傷口に塗ります。塗り方は傷口にたっぷり乗っけるようなイメージです。就寝中は唾液が少なくなるので薬が落ちにくいです。
  3. 出来れば朝昼夜と3回ほど塗りましょう。傷口が治ったら口内炎も防止完了です。

1. Wait for the bleeding to stop after scratching the oral cavity.

2. Brush your teeth before going to bed at night and paint it on the wound with a cotton swab etc. just before going to bed. How to paint is an image that places plenty at the wound. Medicine is hard to fall as your saliva will decrease during your bedtime.
3. Let's paint around morning, day and night and around 3 times if possible. Prevention of stomatitis is also completed once the wound has healed.



 Please do not try at self responsibility because you do not know whether it is medical good or bad.